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new tank installation package

We offer a new tank installation package for new customers (some installation details listed below). Contact us for more information and to schedule an installation.



  1. Install the tank using a 4-wheel drive crane truck, which helps us place the tank where you want it. Keep in mind that a tank needs to be within 80 feet of your driveway to help alleviate any problem reaching the tank during the winter season.

    See for further details: propane tank placement button
  2. Install a buried gas line from the tank to the side of your home. 30 feet of gas line is included.
  3. Supply and hook-up two regulators, one at the tank and one at the side of your home.
  4. Perform a SYSTEM SAFETY CHECK, which involves: a) checking your appliances for sediment traps and shut-off valves; b) testing and adjusting the regulators for the correct pressure; and c) testing the inside and outside gas lines to make sure there are no gas leaks.
  5. After everything above is finished, we explain how the system operates and leave a safety brochure.
underground propane tank

underground tanks

Customers can choose to have their tank installed underground. Enjoy the benefits of having your propane tank installed below ground:

Lower visibility. Only the tank dome is visible, and it can be easily incorporated into your landscape design.

Higher capacity. Since visibility is not an issue, you can install a larger tank if needed...
one that allows for future propane amenities, such as a fireplace, water heater, or heating a garage or workshop.

We have underground tanks in stock and ready for installation. Contact us for additional information.


above ground propane tanktank sizes

Excel Propane has the tank size to fit your needs.

120-gallon tank: When usage is under 200-gallons per year. This tank has a minimum usage of 70-gallons annually.

330-gallon tank: Ideal for those who heat with wood or use between 200-500 gallons per year. This tank has a minimum usage of 200-gallons annually.

500-gallon tank: This is the most common tank size used for home heating. This tank has a minimum usage of 300-gallons annually.

1000-gallon tank: This tank is for a larger home (over 2000 sq ft.) or with a difficult winter access. This tank has a minimum usage of 600-gallons annually.

Underground tanks are available in the 500- and 1000-gallon sizes.