propane safety heading

eggsHow do you tell if there is a propane leak?

By the smell. A disagreeable odor (similar to rotten eggs) is added to propane so that you will be able to detect the smell easily in case a leak develops.

If you think you smell propane…


  1. Extinguish all smoking materials and any other open flames or sources of ignition.
  2. Get everyone outside and away from the building.
  3. Shut off the gas supply at the tank.
  4. Call your propane supplier from a neighbor’s phone. If you cannot reach your supplier, call the fire department.
  5. Stay outside and leave the gas off until the leak has been fixed.


  1. Turn light switches, appliances or thermostats on or off, and do not use the telephone. A spark from one of these could ignite the gas.
  2. Light or try to re-light any appliances. Leave this job to your propane supplier.
  3. Re-enter the building, until the problem has been corrected.

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