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price protection planprice cap plan

Sign up for our Price Cap Plan and have price stability throughout the heating season. Our plan locks in your propane price to a maximum increase of 10-cents per gallon from August 1st thru April 30th, providing peace of mind throughout the winter heating season.

Over the years Excel Propane customers have saved hundreds of dollars by being on the Price Cap Plan.


check bookbudget plan

Steady monthly payments throughout the year puts an end to large winter bills – and you’ll save 5-cents per gallon. We also offer an automatic payment option using a checking or savings account.

An added benefit is budget customers are automatically signed up for the Price Protection Plan, giving them both price stability and steady monthly payments!


mailboxprompt pay discount

Pay your invoice by check or cash within 5 days of delivery and receive a 5-cent per gallon discount. You'll find discount terms printed on your delivery ticket if eligible. Sorry, COD customers and credit card payments do not qualify for the discount.

propane tank gaugekeep full plan

Stay warm and worry-free about when to order propane by joining our Keep Full Plan. We’ll automatically fill your tank as needed and you’ll save 5-cents per gallon. We’ll do the work and you save the money – not a bad deal.

We utilize a degree-day recording system along with delivery forecasting software to project when our Keep Full customers need a delivery. If an outage would occur, an emergency delivery will be made without any extra charge.


call in customers:

Some customers choose to call us when a delivery is needed. Orders for propane should be made when the gauge reads between 20- 25%. That will ensure having plenty of propane to avoid an outage. We guarantee delivery within 5 working days.

Should you find your tank extremely low or you have run out of propane, emergency service is available (an additional charge applies). If a propane outage occurs a system pressure test is required, which has an extra charge. Of course, with our Keep Full Plan these worries are gone!