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Delivery Options

Keeping Your Tank Filled

Auto Keep-Full Program

Stay warm and worry-free about when to order propane by joining our Keep Full Program. We'll automatically fill your tank as needed and you'll receive a 5-cent per gallon discount.

We’ll do the work of monitoring your tank and you save the money — not a bad deal. If an outage was to occur, an emergency delivery will be made without any extra charge.

Enrolling in the Auto Keep-Full Program only takes one simple phone call to the office.

Will-Call Customers

Some customers choose to call us when a delivery is needed. Orders for propane should be made when the gauge reads around 20%. That will ensure having plenty of propane to avoid an outage. We guarantee delivery within 5 working days.

Should you find your tank extremely low or you have run out of propane, emergency service is available (an additional charge applies).

Remote Tank Monitors

For added peace of mind (and for customers with hard to track usages) we can monitor the level of propane using a remote tank monitor. A monitor allows us to know precisely when your propane delivery is needed.